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Automate Workflow. Increase Government Receivables.
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A Revolution in Government Collections – Driving Compliance, Productivity and Results

The need for additional sources of revenue have become paramount for government entities, and their collections operations have become a potential source for those funds. Enhanced collections help boost government offices big and small, and deliver additional revenue without raising taxes.



The RevQ+® technology provides the automation of processes and systemic tracking via workflow management to help you address compliance concerns and drive collection results. Flexible, powerful and an easy-to-use, the RevQ+ solution will dramatically increase your government agency’s recoveries.

JSI Solutions

Justice Systems solutions help state and local governments more efficiently manage court cases, handle online payments and automate revenue recovery processes. Learn more about how these solutions can help you recover more revenue with existing resources.


Learn more about the services and products our partners offer specifically to our GOV industry clients.

Benefits of a Victim Restitution Program

Victim Restitution is becoming a hot topic for those working in government receivables. As judges order it more and more often, how do you keep up with the demand? In this blog post, Brett Sivits outlines five practices that will help you update your victim restitution program to meet your community’s needs, and comply with judicial orders.

A Partner You Can Trust

When it comes to government receivables in general, efficient and effective processes remain an important focal point. Tighter budgets, increased costs, self-funding laws and technical complexity are real challenges. But software and systems only go so far: That’s why successful government offices look for partners – not just vendors – who provide complete solutions to deliver results critical to today’s Courts, Taxation and other public sector entities.

Combined, Ontario Systems technology and services have helped our customers organize and automate most collection activities while tracking and managing accounts with follow-up at pre-determined intensity. Our developers and staff have focused on government receivables for more than 35 years, and have created technology built for government from the start – not adapted to it.