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As we set our sights on addressing the challenges that face receivables leaders in the state and local government industry in 2019, we paused to look back at last year’s the hottest topics. Here are five articles from 2018 we want to make sure you didn’t miss:


U.S. Supreme Court Strikes Another Chink in the Governmental Immunity Armor

The U.S. Supreme Court’s November ruling in Mount Lemmon Fire district v. Guido et. al. sent shock waves through the government industry. Learn more from Ontario Systems’ Chief Compliance Offer Rozanne Andersen about why the decision should be a call to action for state and local governments.

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4 Automation Practices Government Offices Need to Implement, Today

Automating your collections process enables government offices and agencies to not only pick more low-hanging fruit – and avoiding outsourcing too early in the collection process – but also allows your staff to focus on the parts of their job that matter most. Steve Ard outlines four important practices to consider when automating your collections cycle.

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Government Offices Have Options Your Partners Often Don’t – Take Advantage for Optimized Collections

Government offices often pass delinquent accounts over to third-party collection services, but are you doing it too early, and too often? Outsourcers are successful because they are good at what they do, but in this article, Steve Ard reveals the secret weapons you have at your disposal that agencies can’t access.

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Start With the Basics, and Make it Easy for Government Debtors to Pay

It is critical to provide payment options that are comfortable and convenient for your debtors, and that meet their unique preferences. Learn more from Steve Ard about how the right technology can help you successfully collect more revenue.

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Efficient, Compelling Communication With Baby Boomers is All About Choice

When it comes to financial services in 2018, we actively engage with three generations: Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials. Each has been defined by myriad social influences and events that shape their understanding of the world, and the ways in which they communicate. Brett Sivits provides tips for your communication delivery with Baby Boomers.

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