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How to Build a Faster, More Powerful Accounts Receivable Process (and Watch Revenues Soar)

Healthcare providers are struggling to contend with COVID-related financial challenges and a growing work-from-home trend that’s complicating workforce management. To successfully adapt to these realities and improve their financial health, providers must identify and address revenue leaks, lost opportunities, and missing capabilities on the back end of their revenue cycle.

Make remote work the new normal for healthcare call center agents

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to adapt to the new normal of working remotely. But for hospital call centers, this presents a challenge. In this article with Healthcare Business & Technology, Shawn Yates discusses how, with the right software tools,...

How to Remove Friction from Your Revenue Cycle

In the healthcare industry today, there’s a lot of buzz and hype surrounding automation. Large healthcare networks, medical facilities, and RCM service providers looking to achieve a more efficient, robust revenue cycle are eager to invest in automation...

4 Things Healthcare Providers Need to Boost Agent Productivity

Recently, I shared six healthcare industry predictions for 2020. These trends are motivating providers to take a fresh look at their revenue cycle performance in the hope of finding ways to cut costs and boost revenue. If you’re aiming for similar results this year,...