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Compliance Checklist for Collection Professionals – A Look Back at 2018’s Most Critical Issues

This week, four of my very favorite people, who are also four of the smartest people I know, joined me in presenting a webinar addressing the most critical compliance issues of the year. Attorneys and experts in compliance and consumer protection law defense, John...

How the U.S. Supreme Court Just Might Change Your Dialing World

Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) litigation is hot. Fueled by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeal’s decision last March in ACA International v. FCC, callers of all types are being sued and cases before all courts are being appealed faster than we can spell...

5 Must-Have Reporting Tool Requirements

Let’s face it. You want to run a profitable business. But do you know how much each account costs you as compared to your profit on the account if it is paid in full? Do your account reps know how they are progressing toward their goals? This vital data is required to...

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Understanding the Marks vs. Crunch San Diego Decision

Editor’s Note: See Rozanne’s February 2019 update, Crunch has Finally Left its “Marks.” The Ninth Circuit’s decision on Thursday, September 20 to endorse an extremely broad definition of what constitutes an autodialer under the Telephone Consumer...