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Believe it or not, PowerUp 2018 – our annual user conference and education event – is only about four months away. Have you marked your calendar yet?

Each year, PowerUp gives us the chance to enjoy an exciting line-up of featured speakers, honor our customers and partners during a special awards ceremony, and present dozens of sessions to our colleagues and clients about new, leading practices and industry issues. It’s without a doubt the most exciting time of the year for us, when we get the chance to listen to and help re-connect our network in new and innovative ways. These important conversations among the top minds in healthcare revenue cycle, ARM, and state and local government have each year created some big steps forward – for us, our customers, and the industries we serve. That’s reason enough to celebrate, and to set time aside to meet face-to-face.

Why register? There really are too many reasons to list. But just for starters:

  • We’ve already developed and published a preliminary agenda, and course content for event
  • Just a couple months ago, Forbes named Indianapolis the country’s Most Underrated City Right Now
  • Every vertical in our service gets its own agenda, so no time’s wasted on irrelevant content
  • Each year, the conference gets bigger, and attendees rate it as one of their favorites
  • You get advance word on new products, services, and our tech trajectory

And to top it off, this year we’re welcoming Justice Systems – who we acquired last year – and their customers for what will undoubtedly be one of the most impactful conferences we’ve yet to host. JSI brings a new, exciting dimension to our technology, and a number of receivables leaders to our family – especially in the government sector. This is your first, and best chance to connect with those minds, and learn more about how your operation can benefit from their impressive experience.

So what details do you need to know?

First, we’re bringing the conference back home this year, to the Marriott Indianapolis Downtown. The hotel just underwent a massive renovation that included all 622 of its guest rooms and fitness center, with additions to its event space, and a new restaurant on the ground floor. These updates reflect the hotel’s connection to the local trends that have shaped Indianapolis over the last few years – chiefly its blossoming culinary and brewing scenes. Indy is a red hot destination right now, so hotel accommodations are limited. Don’t miss your chance to attend by waiting to book your room.

Next, this year we plan to unveil several new product features that we know our customers are anxious to learn more about and see in action. PowerUp is your first chance to try these new developments for yourself, ask questions, and learn more about how to apply them at your own business.

And finally, you need to know how excited we are to hear from you. We want to find out how you’re challenged, where you’ve succeeded, and where you want to see yourself and your organization within the next few years. We want to know how we can help. Healthcare, ARM and government are changing – And if there’s one thing techies like us know how to do, it’s how to deal with change.

Visit and learn more about our conference this year. We’d love to see you in a few months.


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Posted by Casey Stanley

Casey Stanley, Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, has more than 15 years of combined experience with Ontario Systems in sales, marketing and product management. Connecting our corporate activities to business outcomes, his teams formulate new product strategies, create lead generation, and drive branding and creative services efforts. His go-to-market experience in the banking and finance spaces in the United States and United Kingdom offer a unique perspective to his company and leadership team. Casey earned a B.S. from Miami University (Ohio) in Business and Management Information Systems.
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