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Insurance Hold Manager™

Reduce Hold Times, Increase Agent Productivity
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Product Overview

Insurance Hold Manager™ is a unique software solution that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to estimate payer hold times, then leverages unassisted Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to navigate the IVR together. As a result, the software dramatically reduces hold times, allowing your agents to work more accounts, and increasing revenue collected.

IHM Data Sheet

See how the Insurance Hold Manager Solution helps you avoid lengthy payer hold times and increases agent productivity by up to 60%

With a Simple, EHR-Friendly Solution, GetixHealth Increases Claim Follow-up Efficiency by 60%

Like many healthcare providers and RCM service providers, GetixHealth was experiencing a lack of visibility into what collectors were doing during and between phone calls with payers. Learn more about how the company slashed payer hold times and dramatically increased claim follow-up efficiency with a simple addition to its EHR system.

Leverage AI to Dramatically Reduce Hold Times While Increasing Agent Productivity