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Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Self-Pay

Self-Pay Receivables Solutions for Healthcare Financial Leaders

With the rise of high-deductible health plans, reimbursement reductions and regulatory reform, financial leaders across the country are struggling to maintain positive financial health. With the average deductible increasing 255% since 2006 and projected to continue its growth trajectory, the task of collecting self-pay dollars from patients is a daunting one that becomes even more pronounced when factoring in the importance of patient satisfaction tied to new reimbursement models. Healthcare providers must maximize productivity, minimize cost to collect and increase recoveries to reduce bad debt write-offs, and raise patient satisfaction.

How Will You Navigate Increasing Patient Financial Responsibility?

Most health systems are proficient when collecting from insurers, but self-pay dollars are a different matter entirely. It may be a challenge, but considering a few key factors can mean big reward. Read up and learn more about how to formulate a strategy that reduces your cost to collect.

Get the Industry’s Leading Fully-Integrated
Self-Pay Solution

The Artiva HCx™ solution empowers financial leaders to meet their challenges with a fully-integrated engagement suite that enables patients to interact with the provider at their convenience and on their terms. The solution helps segment and prioritize accounts, formulates appropriate contact strategies, assists in compliance efforts to help keep up with federal and industry regulations, records calls and ties them directly to accounts for future reference, and accepts payment according to standards like the PCI-DSS, and legislation like the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA). To learn more, download the full Artiva HCx Self-Pay Data Sheet.