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Artiva Magnify™

Drive A/R performance. Do more with less. All from within your existing EHR.

Product Overview

The Artiva Magnify™ solution is a SaaS offering designed to manage account rep productivity through complementing existing systems and providing deeper insight, visibility, and automation capabilities for your management and training.

This new solution solves the most pressing revenue cycle productivity challenges managers face today with its focused features, such as Insurance Hold Manager, account rep productivity tracking and monitoring, look ahead functionality, management of remote workforce, and much more. Watch an on-demand demo or download the data sheet to learn more.

Artiva Magnify Data Sheet

On-Demand Webinar

Take Charge of Your A/R

Watch this brief video to learn how the Artiva Magnify solution complements your EHR system to improve your account reps’ performance and results.



  • Account Rep Productivity Tracking & Monitoring
  • Pool Scheduling
  • Insurance Hold Manager
  • Automated Claim Status
  • Look Ahead Functionality
  • Ontario Omni™ Integration
  • Account Rep Performance
  • Managing Remote Workforce

With a Simple, EHR-Friendly Solution, GetixHealth Increases Claim Follow-up Efficiency by 60%

Like many healthcare providers and RCM service providers, GetixHealth was struggling with big hindrances on the back end of the revenue cycle. Among the biggest was a lack of visibility into what their account reps were doing during and between phone calls with payers. Learn more about how the company slashed payer hold times and dramatically increased claim follow-up efficiency with a simple addition to its EHR system.

Improve Account Rep Productivity and Boost Your A/R Results With a Simple, EHR-Friendly Solution

As providers continue to deal with growing self-pay volumes, rising labor costs, and shrinking reimbursements, many are lacking the essential tools in their EHR systems to effectively manage their teams and improve performance, productivity, and results.

But there is a simple way to address this “EHR platform gap” — a cost-effective, EHR-friendly solution that complements and enhances existing functions and doesn’t initiate or require changes to host processes or workflow. In this ebook, Shawn Yates explains more about this solution and how it can help transform your A/R process.