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Artiva Magnify™

Improve Collector Productivity by Complementing Your Existing EHR

Product Overview

The Artiva Magnify™ solution is designed to manage collector productivity through complementing existing systems and providing deeper insight, visibility, and automation capabilities for your management and training.

This new solution solves the most pressing revenue cycle productivity challenges managers face today with its focused features, such as Insurance Hold Manager, collector productivity tracking and monitoring, look ahead functionality, management of remote workforce, and much more. Watch an on-demand demo or download the data sheet to learn more.

On-Demand Webinar

Artiva Magnify Data Sheet

Accountable Collector E-Book

See the Future-Focused Approach to Collector Productivity

Watch this brief video to learn how the Artiva Magnify solution complements your EHR system to help launch collector productivity into the stratosphere!



  • Agent Productivity Tracking & Monitoring
  • Pool Scheduling
  • Insurance Hold Manager
  • Automated Claim Status
  • Look Ahead Functionality
  • Ontario Omni™ Integration
  • Collector Performance
  • Managing Remote Workforce

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