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Enhanced Services

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Product Overview

With an Enhanced Services subscription, you gain access to a dedicated team of Ontario Systems IT professionals and product consultants who are fully invested in your operational readiness and business results. Alleviate your internal staff of the daily monitoring, assessing, and troubleshooting of your Artiva® platform, and allow them to operate more efficiently and focus entirely on what matters to the future of your enterprise: more effective RCM and robust revenue growth.

Enhanced Services Data Sheet


  • Day-to-day management of your OS applications by OS IT professionals
  • Fixes for any custom element or configuration created by OS or any third party
  • Advanced business intelligence
  • Regular analyses of the OS contact management system along with recommendations for improvement
  • 12 days of consultant-led training per year


  • Day-to-day administration frees in-house staff to focus on high-priority business initiatives
  • Easily generated RCM reports enable staff to more easily make data-driven decisions
  • Single point of contact for all product support and service needs
  • Quick evaluation of product requests

Focus Entirely on What Matters to the Future of Your Enterprise—More Effective Revenue Cycle Management