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This document is divided into several sections to help clients navigate the legislative and regulatory history of the TCPA, the judicial decisions interpreting the TCPA, and Ontario’s product response. Its content is limited to those sections of the TCPA that apply when conveying information for a business or commercial purpose using a consumer’s mobile phone.

This document does not address the TCPA’s requirements for maintaining a Do Not Call Registry or initiating fax, telemarketing, or advertising communications. Nor does the document include information about subscription requirements for short code text messaging pursuant to the Cellular Telephone and Internet Association.

This document is not a complete compilation of the law. It is intended for informational purposes only. The information is not legal advice and cannot be construed as such. Nor can one rely on the information as legal advice. Readers are well advised to consult with independent legal counsel before making any decisions about compliance with the TCPA or any other applicable law, regulation, or requirement.

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