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This is an introduction to our first OS blog 2.0 series highlighting the “ARM ecosystem”—what it is, how it works, and how ARM businesses can benefit by adopting this approach.


As an ARM business leader, you have a lot to contend with. You’ve watched operating costs continue to rise. You’ve struggled to get a handle on compliance (a constantly moving target). You strive for better and better results.

Like many others in your industry, you’ve invested in tech innovation to manage these demands and risks with the hope of accelerating and sustaining growth.

How well has your investment paid off? Did you expect better returns?

Having served the ARM market for 30+ years, we know this with 100% certainty: how you innovate can mean the difference between a tech-powered environment (relying on disparate tools for daily operations) and a tech-empowered environment (removing burdens and constraints to unleash productivity and ROI).

The difference between these two operating models can be vast. Based on our experience, we believe every ARM company should strive for the latter.


Long-Term Success Depends on Keeping Innovation Simple

When it comes to innovation, technology can, and often does, become its own issue. Managing the tech stack can gobble up time and resources, and inherent weaknesses can leave ARM businesses on shaky legal ground.

Any tech solution you implement should be steady, reliable, cost-effective, and unobtrusive. It should empower collectors to do more and management to worry less. In fact, day-to-day compliance should be as easy and natural as breathing air. If this isn’t happening in your organization, you might want to consider an alternative to your current tech stack. We call it the ARM ecosystem.


Exploring the ARM Ecosystem: Other Topics in the Series

In the following posts, we explain how the ARM ecosystem works and dive into several major issues it addresses. You won’t want to miss these.

Rethinking the Typical ARM Tech Stack
Classic ARM integration, which involves bolting point solutions from multiple vendors onto a core collections platform, leaves big gaps that can increase operating costs and exacerbate compliance risks. We’ll explain why and discuss how an ARM ecosystem eliminates these problems by design.   >> Read “Why Isn’t Technology Delivering Better Results for Collection Agencies?”

Supercharging Collectors’ Performance
In a typical tech-powered environment, collectors aren’t equipped to make informed decisions or prioritize accounts. An ARM ecosystem provides real-time insights collectors can use to recover more revenue. We’ll show you how an ARM ecosystem empowers collection teams to optimize their performance and results.   >> Read “How to Maximize Your Account Reps’ Collection Efforts”

Reconciling Compliance Management and Consumer Demands
Many collection agencies avoid adopting text, email, and other forms of electronic communication because they’re concerned about compliance risks. But they know these new channels offer more effective options for consumers to pay. We’ll explain how an ARM ecosystem allows agencies to communicate in consumer-friendly ways that support compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.   >> Read “Compliant, Consumer-Friendly Communications: What ARM Agencies Need to Succeed”

Competing to Win
We’ll show you an ARM ecosystem in detail and in action. We’ll also outline the five big benefits that give ARM agencies a leg up in the marketplace.   >> Read “How to Compete to Win in the ARM Market”


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Posted by Mike Meyer

Mike Meyer, Vice President and General Manager at OS, has spent 28 years in the ARM and Federal Government markets, specializing in large, complex business applications and implementations. An in-depth working knowledge of all Ontario Systems’ products and solutions – from collection systems to telephony – has made Mike an industry leader not only in technology, but overall strategy and operations. Mike began his career with Ontario Systems in the client services division before moving to sales, where he served as a regional sales manager and senior director. Mike’s expertise in both marketing and technology capitalizes on his technical acumen, and ability to understand its effective application with Ontario Systems clients.
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